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Balance. Focus. Rhythm.  You arrived where you are precisely by virtue of habits, intention, and prevention.  Where are you today? These featured champions, leaders, scientists, women, and men, who have risen to heights many dream and-or are rising brilliantly, reveal how effective incorporation of these three creates a personal infrastructure of everyday life, one that supports their satisfying lifestyle and effectively prepares as well as propels them forward.  [Episode 3  of their epic journey: “An Unstoppable Force.” Click HERE.)

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Be Empowered

How to think rationally about money! Dr Wendy De La Rosa takes us step by step on how to regain control of our finances

True value creation. How to create and optimize transferable value for a life of lasting significance regardless of endeavor.

Pivotal.   A brand new breed. Enjoy a life of significance.  Effective emergent leadership. Explore. Examine. Engage joy.

Heart to Heart

Stories That Matter

What communal and individual attitudes, aspirations and actions do you believe ought to predominate your community? How best or better are those achieved and reflected?

No mountain too high. No valley too low.  These stalwart women, embodiment of character, courage, and commitment, exemplify  the power of inclusive diversity.

“Unclipped Wings.”

When Health is Prime

Excellent health is a rich mixture of what we eat and drink, what we say and think, and what we do and don’t. Sustained good health is less about medicine, more about personal peace (mind, heart and soul) and much to do with love and laughter.

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